ISIT Clamp ESD/LED Magnifying Lamp ISIT201ESD/LED.01


Product Description:

Lens material: Glass (Optical Lens)

Lens size: 5”

Diopter: 3D, 5D and 10D

Size of object view: 175%, 225% and 350%

Focal Length: 330mm, 230mm, 80mm

Power input: 220V ( Electronic Ballast )

Surface Resistivity: 10e8 ohm

Light Source: 96 LED with protection cover, 8watt

Arm Length: 810mm

Color: Black


Part No. Description
ISIT 201ESD/L-3D ESD LED Magnifying Lamp, 3 Diopter
ISIT 201ESD/L-5D ESD LED Magnifying Lamp, 5 Diopter
ISIT 201ESD/L-10D ESD LED Magnifying Lamp, 10 Diopter




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