ISXIF Tin Lead Solder Wire 63/37 , Flux Core 2% +/-


Alloy Composition           : Sn63Pb37 with Core Rosin Flux 2.0%Product Description:

  • This Sn63Pb37 solder wire has eutectic melting temperature all 183℃.
  • High electrical conductivity at the rate of about 16%.
  • Good wetting & liquidity properties.
  • Fast melting and easy soldering, the wire is already cored with rosin flux so no need to use extra flux. The flux is evenly and well distributed inside the wire.
  • No splashing and very little smoke release during soldering.
  • Available in wire diameter from 0.5mm up to 2.5mm.


Data sheet of Tin Lead Solder Wire 63/37:

Metal Content Metal Content
Sn 63 Pb 37
Sb ≤0.10% Ag ≤0.02%
Cu 0.001 Fe ≤0.02%
Zn ≤0.001% Bi ≤0.10%
Al ≤0.001% As ≤0.03%
Ni ≤0.01% Cd <0.01%




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