ISXIF Lead Free Solder Wire SAC07 , Flux Core 2% +/-


Alloy Composition           : Sn99.3Cu0.7 with Core Rosin Flux 2.0%

Product Description

  • This is a no-clean flux cored wire.
  • A high quality binary alloy for mechanical or electrical applications which demand lead free solders on difficult-to-solder surfaces composed of tin and copper it is an efficient suitable alternative to Tin/Lead.
  • Excellent joint strength
  • Good wetting and fluidity properties.
  • Most economic and commonly used lead free solder wire
  • Available in wire diameter from 0.5mm up to 2.5mm.


Datasheet of Lead Free Solder Wire Sn99.3Cu0.7

Metal Content Metal Content
Sn 99.3 Pb 0.7
Sb ≤0.10% Ag ≤0.02%
Cu 0.001 Fe ≤0.02%
Zn ≤0.001% Bi ≤0.10%
Al ≤0.001% As ≤0.03%
Ni ≤0.01% Cd <0.01%




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